How To Start A Mom Blog

So You Want to Start a Mom Blog?

If you are anything like me you are a creative, craftsy type and ant to learn how to start a mom blog. Maybe you are a mom who loves doing arts and crafts with your little ones.  Or you have an Etsy shop and want a blog or website to run along side it.  Or maybe you just want to start a lifestyle or travel blog and make some money along the way. I am all of the above, for years I have run my own Etsy Shop and have wanted a way to keep in touch with my clients, send them coupons and let them know when I have new products listed in the shop.  Starting a mom/craft blog has always been something I wanted to do.  Continue below and see how I did just that.

When I started really brainstorming and looking into the technicalities of starting my mom blog I watched a ton of YouTube videos, scoured Pinterest for hours, did tons of internet research but I still felt so  overwhelmed with all the content I was finding.  I didn’t know  to trust. I needed a plan of action to get my blog up and running. A blog was new to me, still is…so I wanted to make sure I was crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s along the way.

The Only Course I Recommend

Thankfully I stumbled upon  Suzi from Start a Mom Blog.   I purchased her course after spending a few hours reading her posts and stalking on social media and pinterest. I wound up feeling 100% sure that this was the right course for me to take.  It was a small investment in myself, my blog and my business.  I jumped right into her BLOG BY NUMBER COURSE and felt the stress and weight of how I was feeling lift right up off of me and I knew I was in the right place.  I was so excited!  I basically covered her course in 5 minutes…just kidding. but I was obsessed and worked on it everyday until things came together. It really felt good checking things off my list, thank you to Suzi for explaining things so simply so even a non technical person like myself could understand.

Why I Loved Suzi’s Course

What I loved about Suzi and her course…well she was not selling a lie of $0-$10k in 3 weeks type of course.  She was real and honest. Suzi was easy to understand. She explained things well and didn’t leave out any key points. The course covered all the steps you need to start your blog. I wound up feeling 100% sure that this was the right course for me to take.  It was a small investment in myself, my blog and my business.  Within no time I had a blog up and it actually looked professional! 

Suzi lays it all out for you so there is no guesswork on your end. She will hold your hand all throughout the whole process and help you choose your nice, get your own domain name, pick a blog theme, write posts ( she includes a huge list of amazing blog post ideas ), promote, best of all make money from you blog and so many more awesome tips and tricks.  Trust me, you will be so thankful once you start working on her course.  I’m sure happy I invested in her course!

Just Do It

If you are are thinking about starting a blog I highly recommend Suzi’s course   you wont be sorry you tried, and without trying you will never know the success you could have had. I would love to hear from you after you take the Blog By Number Course and set up your blog!  Just go for it!

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